Romantic love. We can't be alone, it's too risky for some of us, alone means alone, with your thoughts, with your true self. So we still live in an individualist society and world, and what can we do? Just pair ourselves. And keep this union away from anything else. Only two. You and me. Forever. 

The couple on these photographs could be any couple in the world,— first stages of that sacred union.  

These pictures were taken four years ago when they first meet. And are an image archive that they built during the first three months of their relationship. 

Few years after I got a scanner to digitalise film,  and I decided to start this project, talks about memories, about contemporary love and about time and photography. 

By mixing analogue and digital, the idea is to create new images out of photograms taken in film, and not using a camera for that. It's all about the scanner and the rolls.

The final result it's a video, in which I invent a new story, out of the story that initially happened, condensing three months in seconds, because that's what it's all about. Fastness. Fast love, fast consumption, fast feelings. 

Fast and time. Time goes quick but can be stopped, and can be frozen, and can be looped. We can archive a fraction of a second. Forever. Or more, we can detain and keep with us the time how we want. We can invent the reality as we would like it to be, and then freeze it, and keep it intact. And make our memories out of that “fakeness”, believe that this was what it happened. We can do all of that just with a cellphone, or a digital camera, or a throwaway one. 

So this is about something that was already frozen. Fractions of time already prepared to be read as the reality that two people faced at some point. And I just  created  a new memory about those events.